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    PDF to TIFF Conversion

    You probably are very familiar with Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDFs are documents that are perfect for sharing on the internet. Unlike DOC files, which rely on installed fonts and operating software-specific features, PDFs are like snapshots of a document. This allows them to look the same on any system, even if they were made on an Android phone and then opened on a MacBook.

    TIFFs or TIFs, on the other hand, are less common. A Tag Image File Format (TIFF) file usually contains one or more uncompressed image files. TIFFs are perfect for designers, graphic artists, and photographers as they allow these professionals to share multiple high-quality images in one file. Occasionally, TIFFs can also include other types of files, including documents.

    Why should you convert PDF to TIFF?

    Generally, PDFs are not rasterized. Essentially, this means the document itself is not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, PDFs are usually vectors, which means they use lines and curves (and lots of math) to create an image. This doesn’t mean PDFs can’t be rasterized, but they usually aren’t.

    By converting a vector PDF to a TIFF, you rasterize the document. In other words, your PDF pages become pixel grids, just like images. This allows you to go in and alter each individual pixel if needed, whereas that would not have been possible with a vector PDF. This also makes editing and marking up a PDF easier, as most people are familiar with raster-based image editors (Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) but might not be comfortable with vector-based editors (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.).

    How to convert PDF files to TIFF for free?

    If you need to convert a PDF to TIFF for free, our tool can help. To get started, you will need to upload one or up to 20 PDFs. All PDF uploads must be under 200MB each.

    You can begin your upload(s) by hitting the “UPLOAD FILES” button and navigating to your PDF(s). Or you can simply drag and drop your files onto the “Drop Your Files Here” area. Once uploaded, the conversion process will begin automatically.

    Your PDF pages will each be rasterized and included within one TIFF file. If you upload multiple PDFs at once, you can download all the combined TIFFs in one ZIP file by hitting the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. Conversely, you can hit the “DOWNLOAD” button under each image and grab each TIFF individually.

    Whichever option you choose, be sure to download your converted TIFFs quickly. After an hour, our system will delete them, which will force you to upload and re-convert.

    Is it safe to convert PDFs to TIFFs?

    Your original PDF file is likely very important. However, you don’t need to worry about your original file being altered in any way. Our system will make a copy of that file during the upload phase and then convert that copy, so your original is always safe on your computer.

    Also, our tool deletes all uploads and conversions after 60 minutes. This ensures your security as your sensitive documents won’t last long on our server before we permanently erase them.